Please Note: Transform! Prayer Course Spring 2019 cohort HAS BEEN CHANGED. Scroll to the bottom to register.

The Transform! Prayer Course (TPC) has been created by the Alliance Pray! Team to do for prayer what the Kairos course ( has done and is doing for missions. Using an interactive, application-focused and facilitative approach to learning deeper prayer habits, TPC will be a creative new way to engage the people and churches of the Alliance in the deeper life through prayer.

Jesus said, “I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” (John 10:10 NIV)

The purpose of this course is to dramatically deepen and accelerate the prayer life of the participants and both inspire and motivate them towards world transformation through prayer. To that end, The Transform! Prayer Course (TPC) is an exciting, interactive and multi-week course you can complete over a few months with an on-line cohort of like-minded believers!

  • Materials (including our primary study text) are sent to you in advance.
  • Each group of 10 – 12 participants is assigned a facilitator, whom you will interact with via short weekly meetings on ZOOM. If you’re not already familiar with it, ZOOM is like Skype, but with much less bandwidth and better quality sound/video! Our facilitators help you stay on track, emailing or texting you once a week to see how you’re doing.
  • The course consists of readings, videos, spiritual disciplines, activities, discussions, worksheets and both personal and corporate prayer.
  • A closed group FB page lets you communicate with the whole cohort of The Transform! Prayer Course as your cohort works through the material.
  • Weekly ZOOM meetings are typically ~ 75min. Readings are ~15min/day. Your prayer time is up to you, but we suggest setting aside ~30min a day.
  • Course fee of $125 (early bird rate – regular rate is $150) includes the Reader, one additional text, access to ZOOM meetings and invitation to the FB cohort page.


Transform! Prayer Course dates and times for the SPRING 2019 Cohort HAVE BEEN CHANGED.

The course will be held via online Zoom meetings on Sundays at 6pm Eastern Daylight Time (ON/QC) (3pm PT) beginning on Sunday, April 28 until July 7, 2019 (plus follow-ups on August 11 and November 3).

Key Dates for the Spring 2019 Cohort:

Orientation Session – Sunday, April 28, 2019 at 6pm EDT (ON/QC)

Session 1 – May 5 at 6pm (other time zones: 4pm CST/MDT, 3pm PDT)
Session 2 – May 12 at 6pm
Session 3 – May 19 at 6pm
Session 4 – May 26 at 6pm
Session 5 – June 2 at 6pm
Session 6 – June 9 at 6pm
Session 7 – June 16 at 6pm
Session 8 – June 23 at 6pm
Session 9 – June 30 at 6pm
Session 10 – July 7 at 6pm
Session 11 – August 11 at 6pm
Session 12 – November 3 at 6pm


TPC is for disciples of Jesus Christ who want to dramatically deepen their prayer life. Do you know Jesus? Do you want to have a deeper relationship with Him? Then TPC is for you! Who are we? The writers of the material are authors and prayer teachers with decades of experience. Our facilitators are people who have been through this course. They know the material and they know what it is to work through the material (most, several times over).


To get the most out of this course, you will need:

  1. A reasonable grasp of your Bible (we use a lot of Scripture)
  2. A decent high speed connection and computer or smartphone (we use ZOOM, email and text)
  3. A good understanding of English (we will use English in all correspondence and conversation. A French course will be launched in 2019, Chinese after that)
  4. A window of time (~45-60 minutes a day to do the reading and personal prayer, + ~75min a week for the ZOOM call)


We will mail a reader and the additional textbook to you, but you can complete this course from anywhere in the world. This is an ideal course for those who travel and/or find it costly or difficult to meet with others owing to location or mobility.


TPC’s next course is Spring of 2019, running into the summer.

Fall Cohort of 2019 will follow. Stay tuned for dates and times.


There is a point to this course. You are uniquely made by God to do what He made you to do. We want you to discover how to use prayer to accomplish that call, so that His Kingdom will be made more real both in you and in those around you. Prayer is the hard work of accomplishing that. We know that good habits are not made or changed in a day. They are made over time, and the encouragement of a cohort of like-minded people is especially helpful. This course brings you that opportunity!

The Transform! Prayer Course Registration

Open now for the Spring 2019 Cohort.

Registration is currently hosted in partnership with Heritage Park Alliance Church.