GOD MOVES and we get to partner with Him! God brings things about as we pray, aligning our hearts with His heart.

Jesus said, This, then, is how you should pray, ‘…Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.’

Prayer is the primary means by which we partner with God to bring God’s Kingdom into our reality.

The Transform! Prayer Course (TPC) Small Group Edition is an exciting, interactive and managed course to help you realize your part in God’s work.

Each week (or bi-weekly,) a set of 5 daily e-readings is sent to each participant. (Read more & subscribe as TPC Small Group Member.)

Small Group Leaders receive additional e-resources: (free of charge!)

  • Leader’s Guide
  • 10 weekly Review and Discussion Videos
  • A set of Application Testimony Videos in the following weeks

COURSE FEE of $30 includes 10 easy-to-follow ELECTRONIC chapters, and a separate application chapter.