God is on the move!

The Transform! Prayer Course (TPC) is a unique journey together with others who are seeking to live out Jesus’ prayer, “Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” 

Dramatically deepen and accelerate your prayer life. Be inspired and motivated towards world transformation through prayer, multiplying disciples as we go.

The Transform! Prayer Course (TPC) was created by the Alliance Pray! Team to do for prayer what the Kairos course has done and is doing for missions.

What is TPC? This impactful course is offered in two formats and soon to be available in three languages! (Mandarin launch is March 22, 2021! French: watch for the next course offering.) The mentored course is offered periodically for 11+ weekly online sessions with a team of trained facilitators.

Registration for the current mentored Transform! Prayer Course is now closed. Watch for details for the next course offering here. (The $75 rate includes easily accessible materials. Now, featuring a special Couple’s rate!)

SAMPLE of the TPC e-Reader: Check out the Preamble & Contents, and WEEK THREE of the Transform! Prayer Course.

NEW! The Transform! Prayer Course is now available in the TPC Small Group Edition! Find out more and subscribe here ($30 each with weekly digital readings & reflections from the Transform! Prayer Course Reader (3rd ed.) Leader receives additional resources at no extra cost.)

(TPC中文版 TPC in Chinese Registration is now closed for March 22, 2021. 已经截止报名。)

(TPC also available in French! Registration is now closed for the January 2021 cohort. Watch for the next one: Transforme! Cours sur la prière)