NEW! Transform! Prayer Course launches its SMALL GROUP EDITION

The Small Group Leader and each small group member subscribe to receive weekly digital readings and reflection exercises for 10 weeks from the Transform Prayer Course Reader. ($30 each as one-time fee)

SAMPLE of the TPC e-Reader: Check out the Preamble & Contents, and WEEK THREE.

ADDITIONAL LEADER’S RESOURCES: (free of charge!) The Small Group Leader’s fee of $30 also includes a Leader’s Guide, optional Session Videos, as well as Application Testimony Videos in the weeks following the e-Reader.

NOTE: Your small group members are required to subscribe individually at $30 each (a one-time fee) for their 10 weekly (or bi-weekly) digital readings of the Transform Prayer Course. Direct them to the Small Group Member Subscription page. 

May you, your small group, and the world be transformed through prayer!