Alliance Pray!宣道会祷告团队在2021年3月成功地举办国语《转化祷告课程》。

Alliance Pray! successfully launched the Transform! Prayer Course in Chinese in March 2021.

$75,包括10周以上的每周电子阅读材料。 $75 each includes weekly digital readings for 10+ weeks.

夫妇优惠 Couple’s discount: 为了鼓励夫妇一起参加《转化祷告课程》,夫妇两人总共付$105(一位付全费$75,另一位只付$30)。请在这里注册。To encourage married couples to engage in the Transform! Prayer Course together, one spouse registers at full rate on this page and the other spouse registers for $30.


Transform! Prayer Course (TPC) is an interactive, thought-provoking and application-focused course over 11 weeks. The mentored online course includes an experienced facilitator within a diverse cohort of believers to discuss and pray together. 

课程包含了每日阅读材料、视频、属灵操练、讨论、清单、个人和集体的祷告。TPC includes 5 daily readings, videos, spiritual disciplines, discussions, checklists, personal and corporate prayer.

  • 电子材料将会每周发给你。Digital materials are sent to you weekly for 10+ weeks.
  • 这包括激发思考的电子阅读材料和反思问题、其他的材料、zoom会议的登入资讯。This includes impactful weekly e-readings and reflection questions from the TPC Reader, additional materials, and access to ZOOM meetings.


WHERE: Join from anywhere in the world with decent high-speed internet, using Zoom and an electronic device. (This course was a Zoom trend-setter pre-Covid!)


Weekly online meetings, including large and small group interaction, are 90 minutes long. 

NEW DATES FOR 2023: The next mentored Transform Prayer Course will be offered in both Mandarin and Cantonese on Mondays, starting September 11 until November 27, 2023 at 7:30-9:00 pm Eastern Time (with a Thanksgiving break on October 9.)


课程将使用国语和粤语 (大组授课时用国语,然后分到国语或粤语小组讨论和祷告)。  Classes will be conducted in Mandarin and Cantonese (large groups will be taught in Mandarin and then divided into Mandarin or Cantonese groups for discussion and prayer).

每周一晚上7:30-9:00(多伦多时间)在线上课。  Classes are held online every Monday evening from 7:30-9:00 pm (Toronto time).

收费: $75。已经截止报名册现已开始。 RATE is $75. Registration is now OPEN.

If you would like to be informed about our next cohort, please contact Rev Tommy Tsui: 如果你想收到下一期课程的资讯,请和徐权能牧师联络: