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Planning a Day of Prayer

There are many ways to plan and organize a Day of Prayer. The following points will help any group, whether large or small, plan an effective day of prayer.

Waiting on God

This is an opportunity to focus on God and it helps us leave the cares and pressures of the day behind. Begin by reading Psalm 139 prayerfully, noting what you see about God's abilities and character.

Follow these steps for more details:

1. Waiting on God

2. Key to answered prayer

3. Biblical Waiting

Praising God

Having seen God through Psalm 139, have a time of praise stating aloud the qualities you have written down during the "Waiting" time. You may want to intersperse the sentence praise with hymns that worship God for who He is. (A hymn focuses on God and therefore does not use many personal pronouns such as "I" and "me").

Follow this link for more on a Biblical way to Praise God

Thanking God

This is a time to express gratitude to God for what He has done. Write out a list of the things that God has done for you, then offer thanksgiving to God for the personal things He has done.

Follow this link for more information on how to Pray with thanksgiving

As answers to prayer available, they will be sent out to all people who register with Lorraine. Then share the answers with each prayer group and read the answers to prayer aloud in the form of a prayer of thanksgiving to God.

Asking God

Make your petitions known to God.

Praise Finale

End your time of prayer with a time of praise to God. You may want to use scripture to express your gratitude to Him for hearing and answering your requests.(Phil 4:6-7).