Going Deeper - Empowering Prayer Saturation

Dr. Daniel Henderson, Key Note Speaker

Dr. Daniel Henderson, President of Strategic Renewal, will speak on Going Deeper - Empowering Prayer Saturation. As a senior pastor for over two decades, Dr. Daniel Henderson brought prayer-based revitalization to numerous churches. Now, as the President of Strategic Renewal, Daniel is dedicating his full-time efforts to help congregations across the country and world experience renewal. Daniel is sought after for his expertise in leading corporate prayer. He has authored numerous books on biblical leadership and prayer including, Old Paths, New Power and Transforming Prayer: How Everything Changes When You Seek God’s Face.

Also included: enriching equipping seminars by the Alliance Pray! Team, engaging prayer times and networking with intercessors. After you register, you will be able to select any TWO of the five 90-minute seminars which will be repeated. Each location has a separate listing of seminars.

Location: Bramalea Alliance Church, 905 Central Park Dr., Bramalea ON L6S 4E7

Seminars included with this event at Bramalea, February 10, 2018:

  1. Discernment Praying by Dr. David Chotka. Prayer is a two way communication. Not only does God speak, but He does so on a regular basis, especially when God is handing the intercessor over to an assignment (I want you to pray for _________ right now.) This seminar will address how we can be certain we are in fact hearing the voice of the Spirit, and will test out how to ensure that unusual intercession is in fact from Him. We will practice discernment praying in the seminar.
  2. Ascending in Prayer – Seven Major Levels by Dr. TV Thomas: A biblical presentation of the seven major levels of growing in maturity in one’s prayer life journey. It allows believers to assess themselves of where they are in the ma.uring and ascending pathway of prayer and then to take steps to move higher.
  3. Prayer Walking - Changing Our Spiritual Climate by Rev. Marcus Verbrugge. Do you believe that your communities should be transformed into a place where the peace and presence of God is felt by all? Where the power of God is daily experienced, and where people find Him in ever greater ways and numbers?  Learn how to work toward that reality by covering your community in a canopy of prayer.
  4. Creating On-Line Prayer Networks by Lorilee Jespersen. What if we were to use technology to create more opportunity for people from across a city, or the nation, to engage in praying for the least reached here and abroad? Come learn about on-line prayer networks that are springing up across Canada with a focus on bringing the gospel to least reached people groups. This seminar will walk you through the method and be very practical in its application.
  5. Création de réseaux de prières en ligne par Lorilee Jespersen. Et si nous utilisions la technologie pour créer plus de possibilités pour les gens séparés par la distance, résidant à l'intérieur d'une même ville, ou d'une même nation, à s'engager à prier pour les peuples les moins atteints, ici et à l'étranger? Venez en apprendre davantage sur les réseaux de prière en ligne qui émergent à travers le Canada en mettant l'accent sur la diffusion de l'Évangile auprès des personnes faisant partie des peuples les moins atteints. Cet atelier vous guidera pas à pas à travers la méthode et sera très pratique dans son application.
  6. How to Pray for Healing by Shane Gould. Because healing was a big part of Jesus’ earthly ministry, praying for healing needs to be a regular part of our ministry too. But how do we go about praying for it? What do the scriptures teach about healing ? What’s involved? And what do we need to keep in mind as we pray for someone’s healing? Come and be equipped to make prayer for healing a larger part of your life and ministry.
  7. Prier selon le Notre Père par Rev. Claude Noël. Seigneur, apprends-nous à prier ... À la demande de son disciple, Jésus répond avec la prière du Notre Père. Comprenons-nous bien cette prière? Elle a le potentiel de changer nos vies, nos Églises et même notre monde.

Our Seminar Leaders:

Rev. Dr. David Chotka is the lead pastor at Heritage Park Alliance Church and the Chair of the Alliance Pray! Team-- a ministry developed by the General Assembly of the C&MA Canada, to serve as a catalyst to develop prayer equipping events across the movement. David is a frequent contributor to CMAlliance magazine (www.cmalliance.ca) and the author of Power Praying (PrayerShop:Terre Haute, 2009). He has been a prayer equipper/leader since starting in ministry. In preparation for the 2012 General Assembly, he developed a booklet entitled "Discerning the Voice", a seven week journey on the practice of prayerful discernment. David was selected to be a Canadian delegate to the 3rd Lausanne Congress. His burden is to link effective intercessory prayer to mission, so that God might "bring things about by prayer." David is married to Elizabeth, and together, they have two children (one adult, and one a teen).
Shane Gould has served with the Alliance since 1998 in Burlington and North Vancouver and has a passion to see people experience the love of Christ and grow in the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Shane is a Pathways School of Ministry instructor teaching Spiritual Formation. Shane is married to Linda and has three children. He serves as the Lead Pastor of Wellspring Church in Burlington, ON.

Lorilee Jespersen works as a mission mobilizer in Quebec with the Christian and Missionary Alliance. She has a passion for coportate prayer for the least reached, and has been a part of leading an on-line prayer group for the Desert Sands for the past three years.

Rev. Claude Noël serves as the pastor at Église Alliance chrétienne et missionnaire de Québec in Quebec City. Member of the Alliance Pray! Team, Claude also serves on the St-Lawrence District Dexcom and on the Board of Directors with the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada. Claude’s passion is to live the Lord’s Prayer as he follows Jesus, one step at a time, and makes disciples. Claude is married to Karen, and they have three children and three grand-children.
Originally from Malaysia, Dr. T.V. Thomas studied in Malaysia, India, Canada and the United States. He is Founder and Director of the Centre for Evangelism & World Mission (founded in 1984) in Regina, Canada. For over three decades T.V. has enjoyed trans-denominational and transcontinental ministry of speaking, teaching and networking. T.V. chairs the Board of Directors for Ethnic America Network (EAN); Lausanne Global Diaspora Network (GDN); Global Mobilization Network (GMN); and Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship of Canada; He is also a member of MECO Canada Board; Perspectives Canada National Team and serves as the Multicultural/Intercultural Ministries Consultant for the C&MA in Canada.

Rev. Marcus Verbrugge is the creator of prayerwalking.ca - a unique website and android app that work together to help you track your prayer walks and work together with other churches/ministries to see your community blanketed in prayer. Rev. Verbrugge worked as a full time mission mobilizer for over 5 years and is now the executive pastor of Heritage Park Alliance Church. 


08:30-09:00 am Registration
09:00-1030 am Plenary 1
10:30-11:00 am Break
11:00-12:30 pm Seminar 1
12:30- 1:30 pm Lunch
1:30- 3:00 pm Seminar 2
3:00- 3:30 pm Break
3:30- 5:00 pm Plenary 2

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