Churches of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada have historically had a major role in sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ around the world. Churches and International Workers are now required to enter into a Seamless Link Covenant to ensure full engagement of the local church and International Workers in our shared calling to reached the least reached and that we truly become a transformed and trans-formative movement of churches. Igniting Global Prayer is a seminar designed to equip churches to strengthen the spiritual component of their Seamless Link Covenant. Please contact your District Office for more information.


The Ignite Prayer weekend is designed to equip and mobilize the local church in prayer in order to awaken, renew and revive the church for reaching the lost and transforming society. Ignite Prayer is specifically designed for maximum impact in the local church and typically runs Friday evening and Saturday morning to mid afternoon. Ignite Prayer is not a College of Prayer module. Ignite Prayer can be requested for your own church by contacting the Alliance Pray! Team. Ignite Prayer includes these topics:

Keys to an Effective Prayer Life, Hindrances to Prayer, Kingdom Focused Prayer, The Power of Corporate Prayer

The video DVDs and audio CD recordings of the Ignite Prayer weekend are now available. These make an excellent resource for any church as they include the study guides for use individually, in small groups, or weekend prayer seminar. Please contact the Administrator for more information about these resources.


"but in everything, by prayer" Phil 4:6

I love how Jesus walked in intimate fellowship with His Father, always attentive to His directing voice. Jesus modeled in His Spirit filled humanity the prayerful dependence every true disciple needs to cultivate. His first disciples could see something significant happening through Christ's intimate relationship with His Father. Prayer was the one thing they asked Jesus to teach them to do. He describes His prayerful dependence this way in John 5:19: the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does. 

Let me share something I observed at General Assembly 2014 that has encouraged me to keep pressing in to prayerful dependence and Spirit directed intercession. God hears our cry and answers when we call out to him.

In response to National Office's invitation to come to Assembly and pray, at least 24 intercessors received strong promptings from the Holy Spirit to come and join together in united, concerted, believing prayer for a fresh work of God's Spirit in us. A Pre-Assembly Seminar primed the "prayer pump" with biblical insights and practises for Unleashing Intercession. The Spirit quickly united this group together for the strategic intercession they would engage in on Assembly's behalf. Many testify to the extraordinary unity and anointing that was experienced as they prayed.

One poignant example occurred on Thursday morning of Assembly. Committee reports were in and potentially contentious and divisive issues were soon to arrive on the floor. During a quick break, I headed to the pray room to inform the intercessors that they better pray. As I arrived, I heard laughter and shouts of joyful praise. I proceeded to suggest they needed to pray. They informed me that I was walking into the breakthrough they had just experienced having interceded with deep groaning and weeping and Spirit led intercession for the past hour. Someone confidently declared "It's done". And others shared words like "the spirit of contention is broken"; "the powers of darkness have been defeated"; "pride is uprooted"; "humility will prevail"; "breakthrough has occurred". They shared with such confidence the specific things they sensed had been accomplished on behalf of Assembly through intercession. Breakthrough! WOW.

I headed back to Assembly floor, pacing at the back of the room, wondering if I would need to share at a microphone what the intercessors had brought about by prayer. Instead, I watched in amazement as speaker after speaker encouraged and exhorted us to lay down our various agendas in favour of unity and grace. I was overwhelmed with how specifically the words of the intercessors lined up with our corporate experience.

The intercessors brought some things about by prayer that resulted in some Kingdom blessings being brought about at Assembly. Only God knows what was bound and what was loosed. I don't know about you, but I want more of that!!! "KINGDOM OF GOD, COME!! WILL OF GOD, BE DONE!!"

~Brent Farquhar, Asst. District Superintendent for Personnel, Central Canadian District

How to Pray for Anyone

Pray a BLESSing on them. Use the letters of the word "bless" to remember five important ways to intercede for others:

B - Body - health, protection, strength
L - Labor - work, income, security
E - Emotion - joy, peace, hope
S - Social - love, marriage, family, friends
S - Salvation, faith, grace

(Taken from a College of Prayer module "A Prayer Walk Thru the Bible" led by Dr. Alvin Vander Griend.)

Transformational Prayer Seminar by Arlyn Lawrence

Do you long to be able to pray more effectively for yourself and with others in a way that brings real spiritual breakthrough and life change? This seminar will focus on the role of prayer in the vital ministry of restoring people and situations to the heart and design of God. Special attention will be given to the use of listening prayer, repentance, the believer's authority in Christ, and praying with others for personal breakthrough. Also provided will be practical opportunities to start applying these prayer concepts in both personal and small group settings. DVD video sets are available. If you are interested in having Arlyn speak at a weekend prayer seminar in your church, please contact the Alliance Pray! Team.

Charitable Status

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