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Serving Christian & Missionary Churches across Canada

Alliance Pray! is a Spirit-led catalytic movement to equip and mobilize followers of Jesus Christ in prayer in order to awaken, renew and revive Alliance churches and other Christian congregations for reaching the lost and transforming society. The Alliance Pray! Team (formerly called the National Prayer Mobilization Team) is composed of pastors and lay leaders in the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada.

General Assembly 2018

June 5-9, 2018, Calgary Alberta

CALLING INTERCESSORS to pray for people and decisions at General Assemblies, both on-site and from their local churches. Alliance Pray! provides support and resources to prepare and encourage participation.

Don't miss the Pre-Assembly seminar on June 5th: A Call to Deep Intercession: God's Wrath, God's Mercy, God's Intercession. Cost: $99 (includes lunch and snacks) Speakers: David Chotka and T.V. Thomas

This seminar will explore the principles of deep intercession found in the three times repeated priestly prayer of Moses in Exodus 32-34. We will examine accounts of intercessors that cried out in the name of God’s compassion and mercy against the wrath of God over human failure and sin.

The role of the intercessors stood right in the middle. Come and learn how to apply these principles to our Assembly, our praying for our churches, our communities, our nation, and the destinies of those nations in which the C&MA in Canada has sensed a call to be “a kingdom of priests, and a holy nation.”

New Course on Prayer

The Prayer Course (TPC) has been created by the Alliance Pray! Team to do for prayer what the Kairos course (www.kairoscourse.org) has done and is doing for missions. Using an interactive, application-focused and facilitative approach to learning deeper prayer habits, TPC will be a creative new way to engage the people and churches of the Alliance in the deeper life through prayer.

Going Deeper Conferences

To increase the number of intercessors and deepen their engagement the Alliance Pray! Team sponsored two Going Deeper: Empowering Prayer Saturation Conferences – one in Airdrie Alberta on September 30, 2017 and the other in Brampton Ontario on February 10, 2018. The same plenary speaker is featured at both conferences: Dr. David Henderson, President of Strategic Renewal. Several relevant seminars are also offered.

How To Pray for Anyone

Holy Spirit Prayer by Dr. K. Neill Foster

The Alliance Pray! Team